Top Tweaks For Cydia iOS 7.1

14/03/2014 21:44

Several tweaks are still not harmonious with Apple's newest iPhone andiPad OS, with all the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak nevertheless in its beginnings. Fortunately many peoples across the net have put together a listing of programs and tweaks now working on our iOS 7 jailbreaks. Other programs are put in beta while some programs are wholly functional using the iOS 7 untethered jailbreak. Though in utilizing them you might want to consider some precaution the betas operate -- they're primarily for programmers or individuals that definitely have to use the program.

As you understand I'm a huge lover of straightforward but practical tweaks therefore hereis a refreshing batch of straightforward but helpful tweaks arriving the week end of March 1 through 3 and seen in the Cydia download/ tweak/appstore.
Ok, so Readr is an easy tweak, but 1 I've been searching for and simply did not understand it. Fundamentally what reader does is lets users two choices for reading internet content: a "Read Now" and "Read Afterwards." The very best part is through its accessible for Chrome also! I must confess, I am kind of a supporter of Google Chrome on my iphone-5, but I regularly use Safari for the reader choice. With this particular tweak, however, I get the very best of both browsers.

Its tweaks like these that simply add a bit more functionality for your iPhone or I pad and unquestionably one worth downloading. So that you can use readr for now needs an iOS 6jailbreak. The cheap tweak is merely 1.99 in the Cydia Tweak/appstore.
This is just another truly wonderful notion that I'm so pleased someone considered of and become a tweak. QuickPhoto is a brand new Cydia shop computer keyboard that lets users decide pictures included in the computer keyboard menu. This cuts out all the switching back and forth between programs merely to send your buddy a picture.

The jailbreak program supports broad range of messengers including well-known ones like Tweetbot, BiteSMS Twitter, iMessage, Facebook Messenger and Mail. To be able to make use of the QuickPhoto Tweak you'll need to be put in the complimentary Keylord custom computer keyboard tweak, which functions some other interesting computer keyboard like Graffiti and Rage Faces. This tweak might appear somewhat in the expensive side, but after you see the way that it simplifies the picture sharing procedure, you will find it to be worth it.